Rethymno Bucket List: A Guide to the Must-Visit Attractions!

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Are you a history enthusiast? Rethymno is your go-to place for holiday trips. The destination has loads to offer, from historical landmarks to jaw-dropping natural scenery. People recognize it as the best-preserved old district with stunning archaeological sites, picturesque beaches, Byzantine churches, and more. Hop on below to learn what to include in your Rethymno bucket list to explore the town to the fullest!

What’s Special About Rethymno, Greece?

Known to be one of the best historic Greece cities and the most stunning towns in Crete, Rethymno is indeed worth visiting. It’s featured on the north coast of the Greek island Crete, in the middle of the prefectures of Heraklion and Chania. 

If you love unwinding when immersing yourself in the picture-perfect beachy views. Or find peace in roaming around in the middle of preserved monuments, even those dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, ensure to add Rethymno to your dream destinations. 

What to Include in Your Rethymno Bucket List?

No wonder Greece has a number of alluring destinations, but each one holds its unique charm. The same goes for Rethymno – a charming city embodying diverse architecture and a plethora of buzzing tourist attractions. 

Are you stuck with what to do on your Rethymno tour, or what would be the top additions to your Rethymno bucket list? We have got you covered below! So, get ready to embark on the journey that promises to bless you with lifelong memories!

  1. Venetian Fortress of Rethymno – Fortezza
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A landmark from the 16th century, Fortezza has witnessed multiple battles, including the attack of Corsair Ulu Ali that almost ruined the entire city, leaving the residents with nothing but the remnants of their hometown. Some historians also believe the fortress to be the acropolis of ancient Rithymna. In short, it has been of significant importance from the time it was built until now. 

Castle covers an expansive area, covering multiple attractions within it. The best spot to begin your castle tour is the Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim Han. The splendid architecture of this Mosque is just a glimpse into what we mean when calling Rethymno a divine destination. 

Besides the mosque, catholic cathedral, churches of Agios Theodoros and Agia Ekaterini, Bastion of Saint Lucas, etc., are also worth visiting. On your way to explore the castle, you will also come across multiple water tanks and gunpowder magazines. 

  1. The Archeological Museum
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Next on the list is the Archeological Museum! The Society of Friends of Education established the museum back in 1887. Initially, it was a separate entity, but since 1991, the bounds of the Pentagon bastion have included it. The landmark standing tall right opposite Fortezza’s main entrance. Moreover, its gift shop is within the Lotzia. 

The museum features an extensive collection arranged chronologically, including the remnants of ancients discovered from excavations, caves, and ancient sites. The collection boasts everything from ornaments, ceramics, and weapons to daily houseware. 

We suggest booking a tour of this attraction. The guide will let you know about the remnants in-depth, explaining whom they belong to and what was their purpose of use. In short, it can be a great spot to hop on if you are on tour with kids; you can develop an interest in history among them. 

  1. The Old Town Rethymno
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Though visiting the top tourist attractions is never a bad idea, the charm still lies in getting out of your hotel, wandering from street to street, feasting on the street food, and stopping by every beautiful background for a selfie! So, why not wander around the old town of Rethymno?

To your surprise, Rethymno’s old town is a car-free spot featuring cobblestone streets that lead you to transition centuries and centuries back. The interesting thing is that the town holds versatile architecture. For instance, the 19th-century Ottoman Minaret, the 17th-century Rimondi Fountain, and the 16th-century Venetian Loggia. 

Do you know what’s even more fascinating? The combination of different architectural styles. Cute Venetian-era houses have Turkish-style balconies. On your way to explore most of the old town, you will surely discover some of Crete’s best souvenir shops. So, get some fun items as a memorial for your adventurous trip!

  1. Savor the Local Cuisine

Rethymno cuisine is about nutrition-rich and rich-in-taste delicacies, including Apaki Smoked Meat, Ntakos Salad, and more. You get a great variety of refreshing drinks for pairing up, especially the Raki. Multiple restaurants set the fine dining experience high with live Cretan music playing in the background, setting a lively atmosphere. 

Rethymno Avli Restaurant must be your first choice if you plan to dine in for a date night or hang out with friends. Coming to foods, Avli offers an array of freshly prepared scrumptious dishes crafted with love using natural products. The dessert and drinks menu is also worth the try. Here, you can also enjoy wine tasting, featuring a collection of 400 Greek wines. 

Rethymno Pigadi Restaurant is another top-tier restaurant to try out. Serving since 2003, it’s a beautiful eatery in the Old Town, housed in a 16th-century building. Prepared with traditional recipes, the offered food boasts an otherworldly taste.

Are you looking for a restaurant with waterfront views to enjoy a fine dining experience with the sea breezes, pleasing views, and tempting food? Wander no more and hop inside the Rethymno 7 Thalasses. It offers a diverse menu featuring multiple seafood dishes of traditional Cretan style. 

Wrapping It Up!

Rethymno is a charming spot to add to your destination’s checklist, whether you love exploring history or get tempted by the pleasing views. The city has witnessed multiple eras, and it’s reflected in its different architectural styles. Though there are loads to explore in the city, we suggest keeping the above-mentioned attractions at the top of your bucket list so you don’t end up regretting missing out on some must-to-visit tourist attractions. 

Hope you find this info helpful; stay tuned for more informative articles! Happy Rethymno tour!

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