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5 Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico: Uncovering What the Destination Has to Offer!

Puerto Rico is a famed Caribbean island known for its endless charm, pristine beaches, fascinating history, and worth drooling over food. It can make for an ideal destination for those planning an adventure trip with friends or loved ones. Unwinding at the stunning coastlines and diving into the ocean blues will relieve all your worries and refresh you for a new start!

From indulging in water-sport activities to flying high in the sky, you get to do so much. This article covers the top best things you should enjoy doing on your Puerto Rico tour. This shortlisting will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Let’s dive in!

A Glimpse at the Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

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The most interesting fact about Puerto is that it’s not a state, yet Americans can travel without a passport. Moreover, residents of Puerto Rico are considered Americans. This world’s oldest colony is located right on the North American continent between the North Atlantic Oceana and the Caribbean Sea. 

Though World War II was fought between Asia and Europe, Americans fortified this city, threatening to be destroyed during the war. The entire island got modifications to withstand the invading attacks. Moreover, you can also come across multiple pieces of military equipment left by the troops after the war. 

Now, Puerto Rico is more of a touristy destination where you can walk miles along the coastline and where the largest cave network in America is housed. In short, it’s been of great importance for years!

5 Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Are you wondering what to do on your tour of Puerto Rico? There are loads the city has to offer that might confuse you ending you up perplexed. However, no need to worry, as we have shortlisted things you must include in your Puerto Rico tour. 

1. Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay

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One of the most popular places among tourists is the Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay! This is where you get to witness a phenomenal sigh at night as the waters give off a blue glow. This is because of microorganisms, dinoflagellates that have densely populated the area’s underwater world. According to research, over 600000 dinoflagellates inhabit each one gallon of bay water. You read it right!

At first look, you will surely get spellbound, wondering how glowing these tiny creatures are. However, the phenomenon takes place on the days without a full moon. Although you can explore the sigh independently, we suggest booking a guided tour to get an in-depth insight. 

2. Wander Around the Old San Juan

Old San Juan is lined with Puerto Rico’s most popular tourist attractions, including San José church, Juan Ponce de León, Casa Blanca, and more. The cobblestone streets, vibrant-colored buildings, and splendid ancient architecture characterize it. Calle San Francisco, Calle del Cristo, and Calle de la Fortaleza are some of the most beautiful streets to be explored

One of the best things to do here is window shopping. On your way, you will come across several cute things like dancing couples, singing bands, and more. Though it is quite easier to stroll around the streets, you can also ride on the free trolleys for convenience. 

3. Enjoy a Day Long Trip to Flamenco Beach 

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Flamenco Beach is the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico and one of the most stunning worldwide. It’s featured on the island of Culebra, and most of the day trips to the island have the beach as the top spot! It’s famed for its white sand, quiet ambiance, shallow turquoise water, diving sites, and swimming areas. 

Additionally it features landmarks along its stretch; the most unique is the old Navy tank parked on the sand. It reminds of World War II when the American military used the area as a gunnery range. 

4. Have Fun Visiting the EI Morro

EI Morro is another stunning landmark in Puerto Rico. It was built back in 1539 with the prime purpose to withstand attacks and world wars. Its charm lies in its fascinating history and the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, which you can witness from there. Besides praising the architecture, you can wander into the forest depths with prison cells, barracks, and a maze of tunnels.

To enjoy your trip to the fullest, wear comfy shoes, as you have to walk a lot! You can explore most attractions within three to four hours on foot. However, if you wish to get further insights into the fort’s history, you can also take part in exhibitions. Long story short, the attraction is a must-visit whether you love to explore history or not. 

5. Drool Over the Local Cuisine

Puerto Rico features loads of restaurants offering drool-worthy dishes produced using local produce. If you are a foodie looking for a guide on the best eateries to hop inside for an exceptional dining experience, we have got you covered below!

1919 is featured inside a lavish Puerto Rico hotel, Condado Vanderbilt! It’s managed by the executive Chef Juan José Cuevas, who has worked in multiple countries, including New York, Spain, San Francisco, and more. Using his years of experience, he has crafted an exotic menu featuring locally produced fruits and vegetables to bring the best of authentic flavors. 

La Alcapurria Quemá is another must-try dining spot that specializes in offering a diverse food variety. Some of their best-selling dishes include empanadas – a scrumptious delicacy stuffed with juicy meat inside yet perfectly crisp outside. 

Last but not least, we have Casa Bavaria on our list! This family-run restaurant is featured in the mountains of Morovis. Casa Bavaria is not just a restaurant; it’s a beer garden boasting a great collection of beers. When there, try out the Mofongo – a delish dish topped with the goodness of creamy mushroom schnitzel sauce paired with Paulaner Beer. 

Wrapping It Up!

Puerto Rico is a wonderland in itself. Though the island is small, its endless charm has made it one of the best Caribbean tourist spots. In this article, we have summarized the best things to do on a Puerto Rico tour. Be sure to read it out for your convenience.

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